Monday, January 26, 2009

Claire's First Visit To The Cottage

I was so excited when Jayson and Sara said they could come up this weekend, I have only got to see our little Claire once since she was born because of the darn virus, the never ending virus. Now it is gone and finally I got to spend the day with our new little girl. Just had to share some pictures of Claire in her new hats I had made for her.She is a little doll.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Baby's Got A Brand New Hat

Grandma made me a hat. Look at that big pink ball..
She needed a model for this one, I was just sittin around so told her I would help out.

So do you think I'm cute or what?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Hen Hotel That Stole My Heart.

A Special Gift
Have you ever been given a gift that was so special you do not even know how to thank the giver of such a gift?
Well for my birthday this year I was given such a gift.
You have heard me talk about Mike, my co-worker. He is the one that made the General Store for me to auction to help raise money for my Relay For Life Fund this year. How special a person to have done something like that. And by the way we raised $95.00 thanks to Mike.
I love making things for other people but very rarely do I get hand made things from others, and when I do It is so exciting I can hardly stand myself.
Every year for the last three years Mike has made something for my birthday, and every year I think it doesn’t get any better than this.
Last year Mike had heard me talk about wanting my Dad to make me a church birdhouse with stained glass windows, so on my birthday here he comes with his darling wife with what? An awesome church birdhouse, well it’s for in the house, its beautiful, with stained glass windows painted by Karen his wife, a pulpit and pews it is awesome. And It lights up.
As I shared with you earlier in a post, I found a wonderful new magazine this year. MaryJanes Farm. In the first issue I seen they had a Hen Hotel, well I feel in love with it. I love chickens, not sure why, but I want chickens. In Fact I know that I want six and I know what there names will be, Josie, Elsie, Twyla, Lilly and Ginny.
Well it said in the magazine that two farm girls could build this in just one weekend, so of course I decided that I was going to do just that in the spring.
During my excitement I just happened to mention this to Mike, wonderful, kind, good hearted, handsome Mike.
Well guess what Wonderful, Kind; Good hearted Handsome Mike brought me for my birthday this year? You guessed it, the cutest little Chicken Hotel you have even seen! Complete with a chicken and two roosters. You can not believe how much this looks like the real thing, nesting boxes, eggs and nests made by Karen his darling wife, by hand! Painted and distressed by his daughter Cass, with wall paper on the back wall, can you believe that. And It lights up. It just makes my heart want to burst to know that these three wonderful people
sat and worked on this little Hen Hotel just for me. I LOVE it and I feel so blessed to have people in my life that would do such a thing for me.
I had to share this with you, I hope you enjoy.. Hugs From the Hen Hotel

Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen?

look at the detail. Cass is an artist,she did such an awsome job.
There is my one and only Hen. Josie, she is sooooo cute

Check out my nesting boxes. And the eggs in the basket that Karen made just for me...I am about ready to wet my pants......

And there are my boys.


THE GARDEN OF HOPE will be our market place here at the cottage to raise money for the cure. We hope that you will love our homegrowns. The garden has just been planted, with lots of love and nurturing we hope to be able to harvest in beginning to mid October. Please check back, we will be looking for you. Posted by Debra Facer at 12:58 PM 1 comments