Thursday, September 24, 2009


Please keep our little Gauge in your prayers, we just found out that he has what they call total heart block. I am hoping that it sounds much worse than it really is. He is the sweetest little gift from God and I know that God will watch over him but all prayers would be appreciated.
Gauge is the son of my niece Jessica, who could use some prayers of her own, this has been very hard on her.. Hugs to all..

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What a fun Idea!!! COME ON JOIN IN...

I'm going tomorrow to have mine done, do you want to come????

Saturday, September 5, 2009



Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Broken Heart!

We lost Mandy last Thursday!! It was one of the saddest days of my life. I know my dad is lost without his best buddy. I imagine her in heaven with my mom, running and playing ball.. We miss you Mandy..

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

There are worse things than having Cancer!

There are worse things! Like someone you love having cancer! I would have changed places with my mom in a second if God would have given me the chance. He didn't.
I have missed you all so much, I have so much to share like, My Dad is doing so much better, thank you all so much for you prayers.
Little LuLu has four teeth and is starting to crawl and Claire is rolling over.
Justin and Heather ( Lulu's mommy and daddy) got married, it was beautiful.
I did the Relay for Life for the second year, my team raised $1065.00 Yea!!! Team!!! Thank you to all of those who donated.
I made Jewelery to help raise money and Karen from Cotton Pickin Ranch let me use her angels. If you have not been to her blog, make sure you stop by. She is an incredible artist with an incredible heart. I will be posting some of my Jewelery soon for sale to help raise money for the cause please come back and have a look.. Thank You So Much Karen for you kindness....
I held a female Cardinal in my hands, she had hit a window and looked to be dieing but after some prayers and lots of love she flew away. Thank you God.
I have been keeping up with She is a beautiful and brave young lady from Utah that was in a plane crash with her husband, she was burned over 85% of her body and her blog is about her way back for her accident. I am not even sure how I found her blog but I just love her. I wish I could take her pain for even one day and give her a break. She could use some prayers if you have some extra.
I hope all of you have been doing well, sorry I have been so out of touch.. Big Hugs to you All. Back Soon Deb

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Baby Feet, Make Me Smile.....

Baby Lulu's little feet. How cute are these?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

O HAIL !!!!!!

Well last night was exciting, hail, wind rain.. You can not imagine the noise that hail this size can make hitting the windows in your home, it was so loud that you could not hear each other talking.
It got pretty intense , I grabbed JJ (my little love bird) rounded up the dogs, Dad and Glenn and was headed for the closet. No place for a man who has just had surgery but thought it was better than the bath tub!
Thank God ( again) it was letting up before I had time to shove Dad in there..Lol
Now today we have lots of broken things and dented vehicles, ANYONE KNOW A GOOD DENT REPAIR MAN!!!!!!
I hope you all made it through the storms ok.. Hugs

Friday, April 10, 2009


Somebunny loves this little bunny...
I wanted to have both our little bunnys on here but did not get to see little Claire in time.
I hope you all have a wonderful blessed Easter... God Bless..

Thursday, April 9, 2009

UPDATE ON DAD!!!!!!!!!!!

I just wanted to let you all know that my Dad did great today, surgery is over and he will be coming home tomorrow. Can you believe that? Aneurysm fixed today, home tomorrow!
Thank you all once again for all your prayers, you just can not know how much they mean to me. They were all answered. Thank you Jesus! Hugs to all..

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Dad And His Dog

This is a picture of my Dad and His Dog Mandy.. Not a real good picture of Dad but I loved it and wanted to share..
Dad goes in the hospital tomorrow and will have his surgery on Thursday. I am feeling pretty good about it, nervous but ok..
I hope you are all having a wonderful week, it is snowing off and on here today, funny weather, shorts one day snow the next..
Happy Easter and God Bless You All.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

I just want to say thank you to all that sent up prayers for us, today was a awesome day! First the heart cath, the Dr came out and said well everything went really good, the blockage is minimal so we will not need to do surgery... YEA!
Then on to the I am not sure what they call it, thing to check the aneurysm.... The surgeon came out and told me well he has a big aneurysm buuuttttttt we can fix it with a stint.....YYYYEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Just what I prayed for... I love you Jesus.... Thank you all so much for all your prayers...
Dad will go in next Wednesday and Thursday he will have his surgery, all will be just fine.
More about my Dad to follow, and pictures of his carving...LoL... Hugs to you all... Love You!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Please Pray For My Dad

Ok I need some prayers here! I wanted to write a long post on how wonderful my Dad is, how close we are, how loving and talented he is, how much he loved my Mom and how he helped me care for her.
I wanted to tell you that he is a wood carver and attach some pictures of his carvings. But every time I started I would tear all up and could not finish. SSOOOOO
I am just going to say that my Dad is going in tomorrow for a heart cath, he has some sort of blockage etc that made his stress test come back irregular, he also has a abdominal aortic aneurysm that has to be fixed.. I am scared to death but I know God is watching over him, I also know that prayer works and was wondering if you were to have some extra time maybe you could ad him to your prayers.. Hugs to you all

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Look Who Came To Visit Me!

I got to keep LuLu for the first time on Friday, it was only for a few hours, but it was so much fun. And of course Grandma has a new camera.... The top picture I just love, LuLu with her beautiful mommy Heather. You can just feel the love..

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Hugs

Friday, March 27, 2009

Picture of the Day

I love this picture of one of my favortie angels. New camera remember...LoL...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Something Funny Happened While I Was Bald

I just felt tonight that I wanted to share something funny that happened to me on my journey, we all know the other side.
While I was going through Chemo, hair already gone, I used to go to Bingo with my mom at the senior center. She sure loved bingo and I love going with her.
The senior center was the first place I decided to remove my hat because it was driving me crazy and I could not take it, not one minute longer. As I took it off and put it on the table my mom looked at me like that's my girl.
I could feel the eyes looking at my shiny bald head but I set there, really wanting to put the hat back on but knowing I had come this far and was not going back.
Later one of my moms friends came up and told her that a friend had ask her " why would such a pretty girl do that to her hair" Now that was funny, I don't care who you are.. More later.
Come on share one of your funnies, we could all use a good laugh... :0)


I learned that cancer does no care if you are a good person or bad.
I learned that under all this hair god had given me a perfect head.
I learned how many people in my life really care about me.
I learned that having a little extra weight on me was a good thing.
I learned that cancer is not predigest, it does not care if you are rich or poor, it does not care if you are black or white, tall or short, pretty or not so pretty, young or old.
I learned that six treatments go faster than you think.
I learned how good it feels to feel good.
I learned how remarkable my body is. Thank you god!
I learned that I am stronger than I would have ever thought.
I learned it is much easier to have cancer, than to watch someone you love have cancer.
I learned that all oncologist should have to have at least one dose of chemo to get there license.
I learned that wearing a wig makes your head itch really badly.
I learned that a bad hair day is better than a no hair day.
And last but not least I learned that I am a survivor and I want every woman that is diagnosed with ovarian cancer to be able to say the same thing.
Hugs Deb

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Im Back! With A Brand New Camera

You thougt I was going to say attitude. Same attitude, new
Hi everyone, I sure have missed all of you, I took a break for a while but now I am back and ready to roll.. Its RELAY TIME!!!!! Relay for life, What is Relay for life? Relay for life is the American Cancer Society's signature activity. It offers everyone in a community an opportunity to participate in the fight against cancer. Teams of people camp out at a local high school, park, or fairground and take turns walking around a track of path. Each team is asked to have a representative on the track at all times during the event, Relays are an overnight event.

Teams of people from all walks of life have fun while raising much-needed funds to fight cancer and raise awareness of cancer prevention and treatment.

No matter who you are, there's a place for you at relay. Please think about forming a team in your community.

Relay for Life is a life-changing event that brings together more than 3.5 million people to:

1 . Celebrate the lives of those who have battled cancer. The strength of survivors inspires others to continue to fight.
2. Remember loved ones lost to the disease, At Relay, people who have walked alongside people battling cancer can grieve and find healing.
3. Fight Back. We relay because we have been touched by cancer and desperately want to put and end to the disease.

Why Do We Relay???

The American Cancer Society Relay For Life represents the hope that those lost to cancer will never be forgotten, that those who face cancer will be supported, and that one day cancer will be eliminated.

Now you say what does pictures of my bird JJ have to do with any thing, absolutely nothing! LOL But I did get a new camera and he is pretty cute...

This is my little love, JJ...

He was sick for a little while, but I loved him better..

Thursday, February 12, 2009


This has been so much fun, thank you so much Lisa for such a great opportunity to meet some many new wonderful people. This morning I let my father pick the number, since this weekend he turned 79, you guessed it, 79 is the winner---ShellyRaeWood----you are the winner of my wing heart, congratulations. Thank you so much to all that have visited my blog and left so many wonderful comments, you filled my heart with joy. Big Hugs to you all.. Deb

Monday, February 2, 2009


It is Year 3 of One World-One Heart and I just found out about it two days ago. Bloggers from all over the world are participating. You can still Enter between now and February 12 ON THIS POST ONLY (above). Be sure to visit the One World -One Heart site to enter all the giveaways. Click on the button above. Lisa has listed all the participants on the sidebar.
I decided last night that I wanted to be a part of this wonderful opportunity so today I have put together a little something I hope you will all love. To enter all you have to do is leave a comment on this post, pretty easy. Be sure to go to the One world- One Heart site and enter all the hundreds of giveaways, lots of wonderful blogs you would never have found if not for this and you just might make a new friend and win something wonderful..
If you love this make sure you click on Lisa's blog and let her know, she has worked really hard to put this all together.. Hugs to her..
Now for my giveaway.
Angel Heart, this little heat is made from heavy fabric in a beautiful pink tone. I have added vintage lace and vintage pearls around the edge, then added pretty white feather wings, it stands in a rusted bed spring or has a gold cord on back if you would rather hang it. Thank you for coming by I hope you like my little heart.. Hugs Me

Monday, January 26, 2009

Claire's First Visit To The Cottage

I was so excited when Jayson and Sara said they could come up this weekend, I have only got to see our little Claire once since she was born because of the darn virus, the never ending virus. Now it is gone and finally I got to spend the day with our new little girl. Just had to share some pictures of Claire in her new hats I had made for her.She is a little doll.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Baby's Got A Brand New Hat

Grandma made me a hat. Look at that big pink ball..
She needed a model for this one, I was just sittin around so told her I would help out.

So do you think I'm cute or what?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Hen Hotel That Stole My Heart.

A Special Gift
Have you ever been given a gift that was so special you do not even know how to thank the giver of such a gift?
Well for my birthday this year I was given such a gift.
You have heard me talk about Mike, my co-worker. He is the one that made the General Store for me to auction to help raise money for my Relay For Life Fund this year. How special a person to have done something like that. And by the way we raised $95.00 thanks to Mike.
I love making things for other people but very rarely do I get hand made things from others, and when I do It is so exciting I can hardly stand myself.
Every year for the last three years Mike has made something for my birthday, and every year I think it doesn’t get any better than this.
Last year Mike had heard me talk about wanting my Dad to make me a church birdhouse with stained glass windows, so on my birthday here he comes with his darling wife with what? An awesome church birdhouse, well it’s for in the house, its beautiful, with stained glass windows painted by Karen his wife, a pulpit and pews it is awesome. And It lights up.
As I shared with you earlier in a post, I found a wonderful new magazine this year. MaryJanes Farm. In the first issue I seen they had a Hen Hotel, well I feel in love with it. I love chickens, not sure why, but I want chickens. In Fact I know that I want six and I know what there names will be, Josie, Elsie, Twyla, Lilly and Ginny.
Well it said in the magazine that two farm girls could build this in just one weekend, so of course I decided that I was going to do just that in the spring.
During my excitement I just happened to mention this to Mike, wonderful, kind, good hearted, handsome Mike.
Well guess what Wonderful, Kind; Good hearted Handsome Mike brought me for my birthday this year? You guessed it, the cutest little Chicken Hotel you have even seen! Complete with a chicken and two roosters. You can not believe how much this looks like the real thing, nesting boxes, eggs and nests made by Karen his darling wife, by hand! Painted and distressed by his daughter Cass, with wall paper on the back wall, can you believe that. And It lights up. It just makes my heart want to burst to know that these three wonderful people
sat and worked on this little Hen Hotel just for me. I LOVE it and I feel so blessed to have people in my life that would do such a thing for me.
I had to share this with you, I hope you enjoy.. Hugs From the Hen Hotel

Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen?

look at the detail. Cass is an artist,she did such an awsome job.
There is my one and only Hen. Josie, she is sooooo cute

Check out my nesting boxes. And the eggs in the basket that Karen made just for me...I am about ready to wet my pants......

And there are my boys.


THE GARDEN OF HOPE will be our market place here at the cottage to raise money for the cure. We hope that you will love our homegrowns. The garden has just been planted, with lots of love and nurturing we hope to be able to harvest in beginning to mid October. Please check back, we will be looking for you. Posted by Debra Facer at 12:58 PM 1 comments