Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Bit Of Christmas At The Cottage

One of my most precious belongings, my stocking knitted by my mama many years ago..
Outside little window box.

One of my favorite Christmas whatsits.

Two sweet little snow guys..

Just a corner in my back room

I just could not get him to stay out of things

I put my old sled on top of my old red cupboard and my little elf helped me decorate it all.. Cute in person, looks cluttered in the picture.

This is my little cupboard at my front door, it turned out really cute, the mercury glass canisters I just got today for my dear buddy Betsy for my birthday.. Which is tomorrow, Yes I am A Christmas Eve Baby.. Well this little sitting is so pretty but it just does not show in the picture, wish you could stop by and see it..

To you and your family..

Hope you enjoyed, Merry Christmas And God Bless You Every One!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Grandma's Little Peanut

I finally got to go meet Claire and O my goodness what a beautiful little girl she is. I wanted to bring her home with me but have to wait until she is a little bigger, maybe a lot bigger as she is not very big, infact she is not big at all, infact she is tinny tiny, and cute as a button.

Now, could you just eat her up?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Grandma's Girls

Claire Francesca Dobson 1 day old.
LuElle (Lulu) almost 4 months.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Look Who's Here

Our beautiful little Claire is here, thank you all so much for all your prayers, this is one special little girl. Merry Christmas to us..

Monday, December 8, 2008

Gramdma Got Some Drugs.

Yes I finally got some antibiotics. When I went last Thursday they said I had not been sick long enough. Well today when I called STILL SICK and with a grand baby coming any minute I guess they decided I had been sick long enough. Go figure.
Our baby should be here any time, they broke Sara's water and now we are just waiting, if you want to keep up with her look under my links , you can find updates and pictures there under Our Beautiful Claire Bear. They still need help with a middle name if you have any ideas. My vote is for Noel, Claire Noel Dobson. Tis the season.
Please keep our baby and her mama in your prayers tonight. We have waited a long time for this little baby girl. I love her already.. Hugs To all..

Baby Claire Is On Her Way....

The kids went to the hospital about two hours ago, Sara has been induced and we are just waiting. Of course I can not go because I am sick, so I will be waiting at home for the news of her arrival. Merry Christmas to us.. Our little Claire if finally going to be here.

Friday, December 5, 2008

I Believe In Angels Do You?

For the first year after my mom passed away these images appeared on the brick wall in my backyard four or five time. As hard as many tried to prove they were just a reflection I knew they were angels, as Deena would call them (God visits). They have not came around in a long time. I think they stayed long enough to make sure I was going to be ok. I want to believe it is because they are off helping someone else, like Deena.
If you have never met Deena or read her story you should. You can find her at Can I be pretty in Pink under my blog links, she is an awesome, brave, God loving, Cancer kickin woman and you will never be the same. Thanks for stopping by and seeing my angels, Do you have any to share? I have another to show you later. It is beautiful. Hugs Deb

Jingle for the Cure Swap

Sweet Deena from Can I be Pretty In Pink had a Jingle for the Cure Pink Ornament swap, My partner is Virginia from Love Is All There Is. I got my ornament yesterday and I wanted to share with you all, this was so much fun I love my little pink snow lady she is so cute, and the little Christmas balls are beautiful, Thank you so much Virginia you did good. Much love.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

SOLD- The General Store Has- SOLD

The little Store has sold, Thank You Betsy Schultz, you are now the proud owner of this darling hand made with love little store and I know you will love it. I now have $95.00 in my Relay For Life Cancer Fund.
Once again I would like to thank Mike for making this, what a kind wonder thing to do, I am truly blessed to have you for a friend. Big Hugs To You.


THE GARDEN OF HOPE will be our market place here at the cottage to raise money for the cure. We hope that you will love our homegrowns. The garden has just been planted, with lots of love and nurturing we hope to be able to harvest in beginning to mid October. Please check back, we will be looking for you. Posted by Debra Facer at 12:58 PM 1 comments